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LP Quest: Sheng Ling Stance 21

This quest is for the Legendary Power Sheng Ling Stance 21. It requires 125 prestige (thanks TPN :) ) and Level 115 to do the quest. To learn the power, you need Rank 93 in Sword Stance. Unless you are very high level, you'll want to get help from friends with this quest. As well, make sure you have 25000 gold to spare as you'll need it.

Credits: Special thanks to TnTBadboy for writing the first guide for this quest. Special thanks also to Noble for helping me through the fighting parts of the quest. Format inspired by walkthroughs by Peterpan.

Shi Wu Zun's Task

The quest starter for this quest is Shi Wu Zun, in Bu Village at -6k 11k.

He gives you a letter and tells you to visit Peng Guo Dong in Le Yang Village.

Peng Guo Dong is located at 37k 21k, behind the temple in town.

After speaking to him, he'll tell you to come back in a moment. Go to the entrance of the temple area and you'll get a message that the twelve assassins are attacking.

Peng Guo Dong cannot die, so take the time to buff up etc before you go to help. I recommend that you take a high level friend with you who sees the assassins as grey, and have them lure one of the assassins to you (any assassin). Once you've killed one assassin, the others will leave.

Unfortunately, the assassins have already stolen the sword scroll. You have to go to Tian Yin City and speak to Stablemaster Hui to get information on their location.

Search for the 12 Assassins

Find Stablemaster Hui in Tian Yin City, next to the normal stablemaster (at -28k 29k). Pay him for his information, then proceed back to Le Yang.

The assassins are located at the miniature castle on the west side of Le Yang (3.6k 45k). Fighting them here will be harder than before, as it's harder to break them up and they won't all leave after a single kill. Again, I recommend that you bring a high level friend or friends (who see them as grey) who can help you with pulling one or two at a time. This is trickier as they will aggro you almost immediately after you spawn them.

The goal here is to kill them until one of them drops the scroll (auto loot). This can be fast, or it can take quite a number of kills. I got mine from Eat First Saint.

Next, return to Shi Wu Zun in Bu. He will tell you to go to Ghost Pond in Sun Hua to recover a plaque from Wave.

Battle with Wave

Wave is located near the Pond itself, not inside the room as in the Blazing Fire quest so prepare yourself before you leave the long passage (he inflicts Fire and Chi damage). Again, you'll want help with this from friends unless you are pretty high level, both with Wave and to control all the nearby Wave Cultists adds. Defeat Wave and he drops the Plaque (auto loot).

Now, go back to Shi Wu Zun in Bu again with the Plaque. He'll give you a Crystal and send you to Sword Saint's statue in Le Yang.

At the statue (-5.4k 25k), touch the memorial with the Crystal on your person and you'll be able to learn Sheng Ling Stance 21.