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LP Quest: Razing Storm Kick

This quest is for the Legendary Power Razing Storm Kick. It requires 110? prestige and Level 115 to do the quest. To learn the power, you need Rank 95 in Unarmed Stance. Unless you are very high level, you'll probably want to get help from friends with this quest. As well, make sure you have 185000 gold to spare as you'll need it.

Credits: Special thanks to TnTBadboy for writing the first guide for this quest. Special thanks also to tcwk for answering the questions I had in a few places, and Noble for helping me through several fighting parts of the quest that I couldn't do alone. Format inspired by walkthroughs by Peterpan.

Wind's Task

The quest starter for this quest is Wind, in the Northern Desert at 22k 41k (across the pond from the oasis town).

He asks you to buy him some Daughter Wine in Phoenix Creek Village.

Daughter Wine can be bought at an npc named Wine Brewer in PCV Town, spawning at 4.2k 27k, for 10000 gold.

Take the wine back to Wind in ND, and he'll speak with you further. He will give you a mission to speak with the ministers of 5 clans, to gain their support in an alliance against Tian Xia. He gives you his plaque so that you can identify yourself to them (make sure you keep it with you).

It's not immediately obvious what you have to do next, what you have to do is visit a minister from each clan and complete the task they give you. The ministers are all located next to the clan recruiter outside each Clan HQ. You can do their tasks in any order you want, but have to do them all. In this walkthrough I will list them in the order that I did them.

KOH Minister's Task

The KOH Minister is located out front of KOH HQ, at 26k 15k. He wants you to find 3 Rock Collectors (1 each in LOG, LOB and LORM) and buy a coloured stone from each of them. Make sure you have at least 75000 gold available, as it will cost you 25000 gold for each rock. It's not neccessary to actually be carrying it, having it in stash is good enough.

The Rock Collector in Land of Gold is located at -10k -26k (at the stone spider spawn just north of Ma village). Pay him for the rock and move onto the next one.

The Rock Collector in Land of Breeze is located at -13k -4.1k (along the QH road at a bandit spawn). Pay him for the rock and move onto the next one.

The Rock Collector in Land of Rocky Mountain is located at -28k 24k (beside the biggest rock at XT Raiders). Pay him for the rock and return to the KOH Minister.

After returning to the KOH Minister with the rocks and receiving his thanks, visit another clan minister and complete his task.

SMC Minister's Task

The SMC Minister is located out front of SMC HQ, at 32k 11k. He wants you to stop a group of SMC Rebels from attacking their HQ. From this point on this quest is very difficult to solo, as you'll need to be able to aoe stun mobs to keep from dieing from the concentrated damage. Having a friend to heal or divide the mob attention also helps a lot, as you might not have a chance to heal yourself.

The SMC Rebels he wants you to defeat spawn at 31k 3.7k, just behind SMC HQ near Poet Pan Kang. The weaker ones are about level 100 and the lead one is about 130, and they inflict light and physical damage. Upon spawning they will immediately attack, so make sure you are ready. Unfortunately you cannot lure them to either the back or front of SMC HQ, as they will despawn before they get there, so keep this in mind. This fight is made much easier with a good aoe stun.

After defeating all the rebels, return to the SMC Minister and receive his thanks. Onto the next clan minister..

MXC Minister's Task

The MXC Minister is located out front of MXC HQ at -13k 36k. He wants you to track down a suspected Tian Xia spy who absconded with 100000 gold from their clan treasury, hiding in Sun Hua. This task is one of the hardest parts of this quest and again you want to make frequent use of good aoe stun and ideally a healer as well (or at least someone to divide the damage).

The Tian Xia spy is located at approximately 12k 8.5k, and is accompanied by several henchmen. The weaker ones are about level 100 and the lead one is about 130, and they seem to do dmg in all elements, but especially light. They hit quite hard and will likely pulverize you quickly if you are alone and/or not well prepared. Like with the SMC rebels, they will despawn if you try to pull them beyond a certain distance.

After you defeat the spy, you'll get a message that the 100000 gold is already gone. Go back to the MXC Minister and report, and then do a good deed and pay him 100k from your own money for his support. This done, you'll receive his thanks and can move onto the next minister.

SSC Minister's Task

The SSC Minister is located out front of SSC HQ at 1.1k -13k. He asks you to travel to Mystique Clan HQ in the Mystique Valley, and kill 3 Bloody Zombies for their blood.

The Zombies are located at -1.8k 5k, just inside Mystique Clan HQ. They inflict light and poison damage, and are about level 130. There are normally 2 there with one person, 4 with 2 people, and possible more with more people. They respawn fairly quickly and are located near other mobs, so be careful with targeting your aoe powers. When you defeat one you automatically loot a blood.

After obtaining 3 Blood, return to the SSC Minister to turn it in. Receive his thanks and move on to the last minister.

SWC Minister's Task

The SWC Minister is located out front of SWC HQ at 26k 37k. He asks you to travel to Godless Palace and defeat a group of 5 Japanese Warriors there.

The Japanese Warriors are located at approximately 19k -2.9k (at the top end of GP Garden), so unless you are very high level and can survive traveling through the Garden, you'll need to take the North ZC into GP. This is located at Hong Wan Village, in GWC. Use my map of GWC if you are uncertain how to get there. I didn't find them as hard as the other challenges, but it really depends on how many mobs come at you at the same time. If you can tank the mobs in GP Garden, you'll probably find this part easy. After killing 5 of them (you don't receive a message) you are done here.

Return to the SWC Minister and receive his thanks.

Final Stages

Having completed the tasks set out by all 5 clan ministers, you can now return to Wind to report your success. But it's not over yet, so keep any friend you have had helping you with you for there will be another difficult fight when you return to Wind. This fight is about the same difficulty as the fight in Sun Hua, and the mobs are of similar type. You can lure them to town this time, but it doesn't really help as they will still focus on attacking you (Wind doesn't help you either), and you might hit the guards with AOE powers while fighting. As they don't despawn when you run to town, if you die close to Wind you might end up creating a 'pile' of dead bodies when people come to res you. Other than this the same recommendations above also apply here. When you defeat them all, talk to Wind to continue the quest. After this, there is no further fighting involved in this quest.

Wind will ask you to visit You Ruo in Tian Yin City, to warn her about the coming battle. She and her maid are located in the Tailor Shop, at -28k 27k.

You Ruo refuses to speak to strangers, so talk to her maid. Her Maid will ask you 5 trivia questions relating to Fung Wan, and you have to answer them all correctly for her to let you speak with You Ruo. You can try to work them out for yourself, or click the links below to see the highlighted correct answers.

After answering all 5 questions correctly, you can now speak to You Ruo. She gives you a sachet to take to Wind.

Return to Wind, and he will thank you and offer to teach you Razing Storm Kick.